The wallbox as a central building block of sector coupling

Energy transition meets eMobility – the energy, industry, transport and building sectors, which for decades had worked largely separately in their disciplines, are facing a new challenge – the reduction of CO₂ emissions through sector coupling.

Sector coupling - what exactly is it?

Sector coupling essentially describes the efficient distribution and use of electricity from renewable energies across sectors with the aim of subsituating fossil energy sources.

This is not an easy task – the expansion of renewable energy plants such as wind power and photovoltaics, which produce electricity in a distributed manner on the roofs of buildings, for example, is changing generation away from central fossil power plants. This is another reason why digitalisation is becoming more and more important: in order to intelligently control fluctuating energy production and consumption and to avoid inefficiencies, many areas and systems must be linked together – e.g. buildings, electric vehicles and the electricity grid.

The big challenge is therefore the networking of the sectors with each other – the breaking down of “silos”. From manufacturers of cars, wallboxes, energy systems (e.g. photovoltaics and storage) to energy suppliers and grid operators, various players in the sectors are involved. The goal here is to bring the overall process of intelligent distribution of available renewable energies onto the road. An example of an use case beyond sectors is the smart charging of electric vehicles. All for the great goal of the energy revolution. 

Uniform framework conditions created by the legislator and uniform communication standards are essential for this cross-sector cooperation.

As a wallbox manufacturer, we see ourselves not only as a producer – no, it is much more important for us to penetrate all concerns and challenges and to understand every detail of all sectors. Our customers benefit from this knowledge and are thus able to steer their new business models and products in the right direction. The ghostONE white label wallbox has been developed with all the needs and state of the art communication protocols in mind. Thanks to our strength in connecting sectors, we have brought a technologically leading wallbox to the market and are constantly developing further in exchange with the various sectors. We have our finger on the pulse – and so do you! 


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